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Introducing That Body & Punani Liquid Soap from Secrets To Beauti! This  product is designed to revolutionize your self-care routine, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day long. Crafted with care by an experienced esthetician and body waxer, this liquid soap is made with organic goodness to be gentle on your skin while effectively tackling dirt and unwanted smells. With non-toxic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, you can trust That Body & Punani Liquid Soap to leave you feeling clean and refreshed without any harmful side effects. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

That Body & Punani Liquid Soap

  • Ingredients ?

    carefully formulated with plant-based, food grade ingredients (olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil ) hamamelis virginiana, aloe barbadensis, sapo hispaniensis,  alpha-tocopherol, is free from synthetic preservatives, thickeners, or foaming agents.

    Are the products pH balanced?

    Absolutely! Our body products feature optimal pH balance, rigorously tested and approved by both gynecologists and dermatologists to uphold the highest standards in the beauty industry globally.

    Is it pregnancy safe?

    Certainly! Each of our body products undergoes thorough pH balancing, ensuring they are not only effective but also safe for use during pregnancy, meeting the stringent standards expected from a leading beauty product company.

    Can I use the soap or products inside my vagina?

    No, we strongly advise against using any product inside your vagina. Our formulations are exclusively crafted for external use around the vagina and the vulva.

    What are the shipping times?

    Expect your products to arrive within 5-8 business days after purchase, reflecting the efficiency and dedication to customer satisfaction synonymous with a top-tier beauty product company.



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